Resources Oriented Sanitation Systems (ROSAN)

ROSAN (Resources Oriented Sanitation Systems) is a thematic research group at Hamburg University of Technology at the Institute of Wastewater Management and Water Protection in view to support and emphasize the institute's interdisciplinary approach in water management and process engineering through linking agriculture and sanitation.
Our research focus on the development of methods for the treatment, recovery and utilization of resources contained in wastewater. Emphasis is placed on the practical application of the methods to solving real world problems with particular attention to the aspect of sustainability of sanitation technologies and processes. There is presently a paradigm shift in environmental technology that environmental remediation will be accomplished through prevention, reuse and recycle strategies. This leads to pollution prevention measures and material flow-oriented technologies. For making energy-efficient methods of production and treatment of partial streams a generally accepted rule, processes have to be developed further or innovative processes need to be invented. The ROSAN research area therefore deals with the development of systems and processes for recovery of valuable materials from used waters as well as for the reuse of water .