Bachelor-, Master- and Project Works


On this side you can find an overview of project works/master thesis and Studien-/Vertiefer-Diplomarbeiten offered currently at our institute. These topics are out of our ongoing research projects. For details, please check the table below or contact the tutor mentioned.

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Explanation of shortcuts:
PW = project work
MT = master thesis
MA = Masterarbeit
SA = Studien-/Vertieferarbeit
BA = Bachelorarbeit
DA = Diplomarbeit

MA, MT Re-Designing a 200 hectar-farm in Colombia for Regenerative Agriculture with Agroforestry and/or Forest Gardens
Possible start: 10-17-2023 to 10-31-2024
Contact: Ralf Otterpohl, Tel.: 3007 e-mail:
MA, MT Massen- und Energiebilanz einer Biogasanlage im Kleinstformat
Possible start: 04-01-2023 to 12-31-2023
Contact: Steffen Walk, Tel.: 4290 e-mail:
and Ina Körner, Tel.: 3154 e-mail:
MA, MT Greenhouse experiments to investigate C and N dynamics in microbiological soil buildup
Possible start: 05-01-2023 to 12-31-2023
Contact: Lukas Huhn, Tel.: 2416 e-mail:
PW, SA Advancement of an Arduino-based measurement system for soil monitoring in a greenhouse experiment
Possible start: 06-01-2023 to 12-31-2023
Contact: Lukas Huhn, Tel.: 2416 e-mail: