Enviromental Robotics

Environmental Robotics TUHH (ENRO) is a research group at Hamburg University of Technology conducting research in the field of robotic solutions in environmental engineering. The first prototype of the research group is EcoTerrabot, an eco-robot for agricultural systems. EcoTerrabot is a fully autonomous modular robot, being currently developed for weed management operations. The development of this robot is intended at mitigating some of the environmental effects of modern agriculture. It is an alternative to the increasing use of pesticides for weed control in agriculture. Weed management is an essential yet complex task in agriculture, currently done by spraying large amounts of agrochemicals onto crops. Such chemicals result in negative effects on soil, water, climate and human health as reported by the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organisation. ENRO aims at mitigating this and other environmental problems through purpose-based modular robotics development and IoT-based and AI-based digital solutions.

Dr.-Ing. Tavseef Mairaj Shah
Dr.-Ing. Tavseef Mairaj Shah
Team/Group Head
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