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Seminar EIM: Computer Science Unplugged

This course is taught in English.


In this seminar, the students will be asked to learn about and create educational material on the basics of combinatorial algorithms for high-school students. The aim is to introduce young students to computer science, and more generally to computational reasoning, in a friendly and exciting way. Often, computer science is first taught through programming; however, not all students find this subject motivating and this may deter some from getting into this fascinating field. We wish to offer an alternative way of learning computer science. The material should contain puzzles, games and challenges that convey the fundamental principles of algorithmic, and not be dependent on computers. Through these stimulating exercises, students should learn how a computer ”thinks” and how to devise solutions to problems accordingly.

ECTS-points: 3


Depending on the number of participants, the seminar may be divided into smaller teams. Each team will design their own educational material. In the end of the semester, each team will present their work and write a report.


We are looking for students with a good understanding of classical combinatorial algorithms, including sorting algorithms, search algorithms, graph algorithms, etc. The seminar is open to bachelor students in CS, DS, and IIW, for a maximum of 10 students. Setup There will be bi-weekly meeting to give explanations, feedback and directions of your project. The seminar itself will be held as a block seminar, at a date to be agreed upon. The first meeting will be held on April 12th.