2021: Quantum Annealing

(2021, funded by the DAAD under the RISE program, supervisor: Prof. Dr. Matthias Mnich, internship providers:  Dr. Jens M. Schmidt and Matthias Kaul MSc, intern: Kace Cottam)

Quantum computing is one of the hot trends in computer science, that uses quantum phenomena such as superposition or quantum entanglement to perform computations. Quantum computers use the power of quantum bits or qubits, which can be in more states than the two (binary) states offered by classical computers. This results in strong parallelism, thus quantum computers are believed to be able to quickly solve certain problems that no classical computer could solve in any feasible amount of time. Global players like Volkswagen and Fujitsu currently attempt to solve their design problems using quantum algorithms on near-quantum hardware. Currently, there is a lack of insight into how such algorithms actually perform in practice when they are implemented and engineered on near-quantum devices. The research of this DAAD RISE project aims to develop state-of-the-art algorithms and mechanisms for quantum algorithms on near-quantum devices. We strive to turn these algorithms into powerful, stable, versatile and easy-to-use tools for solving highly complex optimization problems which have application in the aerospace and automotive industry who we closely collaborate with.