Publications from 2023:

  1. N. Huber, I. Ryl, T.Y. Wu, M.P. Hablitzel, B. Zandersons, C. Richert and E. Lilleodden
    Densification of nanoporous metals during nanoindentation: The role of structural and mechanical properties
    Journal of materials research (2023)
  2. N. Petersen, B. Wiese and N. Hort
    Barrel Finishing of Magnesium Alloys
    Magnesium Technology Symposium held at the TMS Annual Meeting and Exhibition, 2023
  3. C. Richert and N. Huber
    A comparison of ligament geometries in real and computer-generated nanoporous gold based on cross-section descriptors
    Computational Materials Science, Vol 229 (2023), 112423