Publications from 2010:

1 Role of additives in LiBH4-MgH2 reactive hydride composites for sorption kinetics

U. Bösenberg, J. W. Kim, D. Gosslar, N. Eigen, T. R. Jensen, J. M. B. von Colbe, Y. Zhou, M. Dahms, D. H. Kim, R. Günther, Y. W. Cho, K. H. Oh, T. Klassen, R. Bormann and M. Dornheim
Acta Materialia, 2010. 58(9): p. 3381-3389.

Model calculation of inoculation and experimental verification in two alloy-systems

C. Hartig, R. Günther, D. Gosslar and R. Bormann
International Journal of Materials Research, 2010. 101(5): p. 572-576.

Plastic deformation behaviour of Fe-Cu composites predicted by 3D finite element simulations

Y. Schneider, A. Bertram, T. Bohlke and C. Hartig
Computational Materials Science (2010) 48 p.456-465.

Deformation of Solids with Nanoscale Pores by the Action of Capillary Forces

J. Weissmüler, H.-L. Duan, D. Farkas
Acta Materialia 58 (2010) 1-13.

Nanoporous Au-Pt Alloys as Large Strain Electrochemical Actuators

Hai-Jun Jin, Xiao-Lan Wang, Smrutiranjan Parida, Ke Wang, Masahiro Seo, Jörg Weissmüller
Nano Letters 10 (2010) 187-194.

Bulk Nanoporous Metal for Actuation

Hai-Jun Jin, Jörg Weissmüller
Advanced Engineering Materials 12 (2010) 714-723.

Different Measures for the Capillarity-driven Deformation of a Nanoporous Metal

Li-Hua Shao, Hai-Jun Jin, Raghavan Nadar Viswanath, Jörg Weissmüller
Europhysics Letters 89 (2010) 66001.

Microstrain in Nanocrystalline Solids under Load by Virtual Diffraction

Jürgen Markmann, Dmitriy Bachurin, Lihua Shao, Peter Gumbsch, Jörg Weissmüller
Europhysics Letters 89 (2010) 66002.
Supporting material in:
arXiv:1003.4943 (2010), .

Reply to comment by Á. Horváth et al. on “Response of the potential of a gold electrode to elastic strain”

M. Smetanin, Q. Deng, D. Kramer, S. Mohanan, U. Herr, J. Weissmüller
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 12 (2010) 7291-7292.

Electrocapillary Maximum and Potential of Zero Charge of Carbon Aerogel

L. H. Shao, J. Biener, D. Kramer, R. N. Viswanath, T. F. Baumann, A.V. Hamza, J. Weissmüller
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 12 (2010) 7580-7587.

Work hardening and inherent plastic instability of nanocrystalline metals

L. Kurmanaeva, Yu. Ivanisenko, J. Markmann, K. Yang, H.-J. Fecht, J. Weissmüller
Physica Status Solidi Rapid Research Letters 4 (2010) 130-132.

Comment on "Influence of random roughness"[vol.96, 041912(2010)]

Yan Wang, Jörg Weissmüller, Huiling Duan
Applied Physics Letters, 96 (2010) 226101.

Mechanics of corrugated surfaces

Yan Wang, Jörg Weissmüller, Huiling Duan
Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 58 (2010) 1552-1566.

Electrochemical Training and Modulation of Gold Nanostructure Optical Resonances

Li-Hua Shao, Matthias Ruther, Stefan Linden, Sabine Essig, Kurt Busch, Jörg Weissmüller, Martin Wegener
Advanced Materials 22 (2010) 5173-5177.

Adsorption-Driven Tuning of the Electrical Resistance of Nanoporous Gold

Patrick Wahl, Thomas Traußnig, Stephan Landgraf, Hai-Jun Jin, Jörg Weissmüller, Roland Würschum
Journal of Applied Physics, 108 (2010) 073706.

Grain refinement of TiAl-based alloys: The role of TiB2 crystallography and growth.

D. Gosslar, R. Günther, U. Hecht, C. Hartig, R. Bormann
Acta Materialia, 2010. 58: p. 6744-6751.

Orientational Order in Liquids upon Condensation in Nanochannels: An Optical Birefringence Study on Rod- and Disc-like Molecules in Monolithic Mesoporous Silica.

Wolff, Matthias, Knorr, Klaus, Huber, Patrick and Kityk, Andriy V.
Physical Review B(2010),82: 235404.

Evidence of a Sticky Boundary Layer in Nanochannels: A Neutron Spin Echo Study of n-Hexatriacontane and Poly(ethylene oxide) Confined in Porous Silicon.

Kusmin, André, Gruener, Simon, Henschel, Anke, Holderer, Olaf, Allgaier, Jürgen, Richter, Dieter and Huber, Patrick
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters(2010),1: 3116.

Polymer Dynamics in Nanochannels of Porous Silicon: A Neutron Spin Echo Study.

Kusmin, André, Gruener, Simon, Henschel, Anke, De Souza, Nicolas, Allgeier, Jürgen, Richter, Dieter and Huber, Patrick
Macromolecules(2010),43: 8162.

On the collective molecular reorientation of a calamitic liquid crystal (12CB) con fined in alumina nanochannels.

Chahine, Gilbert, Kityk, Andriy, Démaret, Nathalie, Jean, Fabien, Knorr, Klaus , Huber, Patrick, Lefort, Ronan and Zanotti, Jean-Marc
Physical Review E(2010),82: 011706.

Size-dependent freezing of n-alcohols in silicon nanochannels.

Berwanger, René, Schumacher, Christoph, Huber, Patrick and Pelster, Rolf
European Physical Journal Special Topics(2010),189: 239.

Polymorphism of the glass former ethanol confined in mesoporous silicon.

Henschel, Anke, Knorr, Klaus and Huber, Patrick
Philosophical Magazine Letters(2010),90, 7: 481.

Criticality of an isotropic-to-smectic transition induced by anisotropic quenched disorder.

Chahine, Gilbert, Kityk, Andriy V., Knorr, Klaus, Lefort, Ronan, Guendouz, Mohammed, Morineau, Denis and Huber, Patrick
Physical Review E(2010),81: 031703.

Quenching of reducing properties of mesoporous silicon and its use as template for metal/semiconductor deposition

Kumar, Pushpendra and Huber, Patrick
Journal of The Electrochemical Society(2010),157: D172.