Publications from 2003:

Charge-Induced Reversible Strain in a Metal

J. Weissmüller, R.N. Viswanath, D. Kramer, P. Zimmer., R. Würschum, H. Gleiter
Science 300 (2003), 312-315.

Electronic Properties of 4 nm FePt particles

B. Stahl, J. Ellrich, R. Theismann, M. Ghafari, S. Bhattacharya, H. Hahn, H.-G. Boyen, N.S. Gajbhiye, D. Kramer, R.N. Viswanath, J. Weissmüller, and H. Gleiter
Physical Review B 67 (2003), 014422/1 - /12.

A Comparison of Torque Strengths in Micromagnetics

A. Michels and J. Weissmüller
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 258-259 (2003), 11-14.

The Impact of Particle Morphology on the Melting Characteristics of Matrix‑Embedded Pb‑Nanocrystals

H. Rösner , P. Scheer, J. Weissmüller, G. Wilde
Philosophical Magazine Letters 83 (2003), 511 - 523.

Microstructure Evolution during Rolling of Inert‑Gas Condensed Palladium

J. Markmann, P. Bunzel, H. Rösner, K.W. Liu, K.A. Padmanabhan, R. Birringer, H. Gleiter, and J. Weissmüller
Scripta Materialia 49 (2003), 637‑644.
Invited Contribution to Viewpoint Set No. 31. Mechanical Properties of Fully Dense Nanocrystalline Metals, Edited by H. Van Swygenhoven and J.R. Weertman

Durchstimmbare Dehnung in Platin

J. Weissmüller, D. Kramer, R. Viswanath, H. Gleiter
Physik in unserer Zeit 34 (2003) 155-156.

Domain Formation and Long-Range Spin Disorder in Vitroperm

A. Michels, R.N. Viswanath, J. Weissmüller
Europhysics Letters 64 (2003), 43-49.

Range of Magnetic Correlations in Nanocrystalline Soft Magnets

A. Michels, R.N. Viswanath, J.G. Barker, R.Birringer, J. Weissmüller
Physical Review Letters 91 (2003) 267204/1 - /4.

Influence of rolling conditions on the microstructure and mechanical properties of magnesium sheet AZ31

F. Kaiser, J. Bohlen, D. Letzig, K.U. Kainer, A. Styczynski and C. Hartig
Advanced Engineering Materials (2003) 5 p.891-896.

Anisotropic properties of magnesium sheet AZ31

F. Kaiser, D. Letzig, J. Bohlen, A. Styczynski, C. Hartig and K.U. Kainer
Y. Kojima, T. Aizawa, K. Higashi, S. Kamado, editors. Magnesium Alloys (2003), Pts 1 and 2, vol. 419-4 p.315-320.

Point defects, precipitates and the strength anomaly in ordered Fe-Al alloys

J. Laakmann, C. Hartig and H. Mecking
Zeitschrift Fur Metallkunde (2003) 94 p.526-531.

Freezing and melting of Ar in mesopores studied by optical transmission

Soprunyuk, V. P., Wallacher, D., Huber, P., Knorr, K. and Kityk, A. V.
Physical Review B (2003) 67, 14: art. no.-144105.

X-ray study of the liquid potassium surface: Structure and capillary wave excitations

Shpyrko, O., Huber, P., Grigoriev, A., Pershan, P., Ocko, B., Tostmann, H. and Deutsch, M.
Physical Review B (2003) 67, 11: 115405.

Are solidified fillings of mesopores basically bulk-like except for the geometric confinement ?

Knorr, K., Wallacher, D., Huber, P., Soprunyuk, V. and Ackermann, R.
European Physical Journal E (2003) 12, 1: 51-56.

How do rod-like molecules freeze and arrange in mesopores?

Huber, P., Wallacber, D., Hofmann, T. and Knorr, K.
Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter(2003) 15, 1: S309-S314.

Short-range wetting at liquid gallium-bismuth alloy surfaces: X-ray measurements and square-gradient theory

Huber, P., Shpyrko, O., Pershan, P. S., Ocko, B., DiMasi, E. and Deutsch, M.
Physical Review B(2003) 68, 8: 085409.