Contemporary Witnesses

This section consists of two parts. In personal impressions, friends, former students and colleagues share some of their fond memories of Georg Weinblum. And who could provide us with better insight into Weinblum's charismatic character and remarkable work ethic than those people who knew and cherished him in person?

In the remarks made by John V. Wehausen, the first Weinblum Memorial Lecturer, Weinblum's ideas on research and teaching are explained and commented on. Wehausen devoted a major part of his lecture to Weinblum’s approach to science and its impact, thus passages of the manuscript have been reproduced here and glossed.

Of course what is presented in these pages represents only a fragment of Weinblum’s illustrious career, and thus we would actively encourage friends, family and colleagues to contribute their own memories. If you would like to help us complete the mosaic of Weinblum’s life, then please feel free to get in touch with us.