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Version 2.085

Example pc-files (zip-file, right-click for download)
Example ex-files (zip-file, right-click for download)
DFORRT.DLL (Fortran Redistributable Run-Time Manager)

Predictive Redlich-Soave-Kwong(matrix parameters of the extended UNIFAC matrix):



Although enormous efforts have been made in order to supply a program without bugs, no warranty is given for any of the results obtained with PE due to the size of the program. Further, the users are encouraged to check results carefully. Most errors will occur due to a wrong input of data by the user, usage of EOS and mixing rules that are not appropriate for the investigated system, and convergence problems when using inadequate initial guesses.


The download package includes the program PE, the 140 page manual, online help, pure-component examples, mixture examples, and all information necessary for running the registration procedure. Downloading an newer version of PE does not require a new registration. The newer version can be installed over the old one.

System Requirements for PE 2000

PE 2000 will run on every Windows machine up to Windows XP (Vista not tested). Following system dll are required:

NOTE: PE 2000 was tested mainly on Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000.