Welcome to the Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics at Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH)

Engineering Thermodynamics describes the interaction of energies and modes of energy transport as well as the limitations on energy conversions in processes. It is therefore the basic discipline for energy technology, mechanical engineering and process engineering.

The Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics does experimental and simulation-based research on the analysis of complex energy systems. We work on the basics as well as on stationary and mobile applications. One focus is on air conditioning and cooling under the aspect of efficient use of energy. Another focus is the analysis of integrated energy systems (gas, heat, electricity) and their assessment with regard to economic efficiency, CO2 emissions and resilience. Further information on the specific research projects can be found here.


In teaching, the institute represents the basic modules Technical Thermodynamics I & II and Heat Transfer in the Bachelor's degree. In the master’s degree, the modules Thermal Energy Systems, Air Conditioning Systems, System Simulation and Gas Grids as well as seminars and practical trainings on Energy Technology are offered in small groups.