Test Facilities

On a laboratory area of about 215m² there are the following test facilities in building L for research and teaching:

  • Complex energy system based on dessicant assisted air conditioning, solar heat, combined heat and power station, heat pump, chiller, thermal energy storage, condensing boiler (research project and student practical course)
  • Test facility for the analysis of Phase Change Materials (PCM) (research project and student practical course)
  • Test facility for the investigation of PCM-cooling compounds for cooling by natural convection (research project)
  • Test facility for the investigation of CO2 as a refrigerant for automotive air conditioning (research project)
  • Test facility for the investigation of parallel direct evaporation using R1234yf (research project)
  • Test facility for the investigation of a new primary normal for gas flow measurements (research project)
  • Test facility: Condensing boiler (student practical course)
  • Test facility: Heat transfer of radial impinging jets (student practical course)
  • Test facility: Natural convection at a heated cylinder (student practical course)
  • Test facility: Free jet (student practical course)

Measurement Technology

  • Temperature measurement
    • infratec Varioscan 3021 ST: Thermography system
    • infratec Variotherm hr: Thermography system
  • Flow measurement
    • LaVision Flowlite: Particle Image Velocimetry (2D) with 2D traversion
    • Dantec Streamware: Hot Wire Anemometry (2D)
  • Emissionsmesstechnik
    • ZES CLD 700 EL/ht: Nitrogen oxides (Chemiluminescence)
    • BERNATH 3006: Hydrocarbons (FID)
    • ROSEMOUNT BINOS 100 2M: Carbon monoxid (IR), Carbon dioxid (IR)
    • ROSEMOUNT OXYNOS 100: Oxygen (Paramagnetism)
    • Testo 300SE, Oxygen, Carbon Monoxid, Nitrogen Oxides (Electrochemical Sensor)

Calibration Technology

  • Wind tunnel: Velocity calibration system, 0...14 m/s, temperatures until 100 °C
  • Amatek AK140B: Temperature calibration system until 180 °C
  • Michell Instruments S-904: Humidity calibration system


Programms used at the institute:

Name Description Operating system
Modelica / Dymola Object-oriented Multidomain Modeling Language Linux, Windows
TransiEnt Library Dynamic Simulation of complex energy systems with a high share of renewable energy Linux, Windows
STAR-CCM+ Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
COMSOL Software for multi-physics simulation Linux, Windows
Matlab / Simulink Software for technical computing Linux, Windows


  • Huber Unichiller 260Tw, Thermostat, 26kW, -20…40 °C
  • Lauda Integra T10000, Thermostat, >10kW, -20 °C
  • 3D-Drucker Ultimaker S5