Loads on Ships in Seaways

supported by

BMWi - Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology


FSG, HSVA, Ocean Waves, TU Berlin, TUHH-M6


01.01.2006 - 30.06.2009

For more detailed information please get in touch with one of the contact persons: Florian Kluwe, Christoph Steinbach


The following publications have been written during the research project:

  • Florian Kluwe (2008). Development of an Intact Stability Criterion for Avoidance of Capsizing in Following Seas. Festschrift, Hamburg. [Abstract] [pdf]

  • Stefan Krüger, Florian Kluwe (2008). A simplified Method for the Estimation of the Natural Roll Frequency of Ships in Heavy Weather. HANSA, Hamburg. [pdf]

  • Stefan Krüger, Florian Kluwe (2006). Development of Dynamic Stability Criteria from Seakeeping Simulations. IMDC, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. [pdf]