Project description

The main aim of this project is to characterize the high temperature behavior of multiscaled porous structures produced from a variety of oxide materials. The focus is especially on microstructural changes, including possible phase transformations and changes in the reflection of electromagnetic radiation.

By acquiring knowledge on the thermal behavior of these structures, tailored multiscaled materials will be developed for applications at very high temperatures. In particular, materials will be designed to preserve their porous structure and related properties at temperatures up to 1500 °C. The combination of hierarchically ordered and disordered materials, generating a multilayered system, as well as the controlled use of porosity to tailor the thermoelastic mismatch are hereby addressed.

The final objective is the development and characterization of novel thermal barrier coatings systems suitable for energy efficient future aeroengines and gas turbines.

Project leader

Dr.-Ing. Rolf Janßen,



ternary oxides

atomic layer deposition

thermal barrier coatings                       interface stability

corrosion stability


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