Project Area D:

General projects

Project area D deals with the general administration and organization within the DFG Collaborative Research Center CRC 1615. An essential part of Project area D is the Z-INF project. As a service project, it is intended to ensure that the necessary IT infrastructure in the form of edge devices, server resources, and network equipment is available, and that the software frameworks are in place to handle very large data volumes. It is also planned to combine the resources of this data center with the existing resources of the TUHH data center, i.e. to operate data processing frameworks distributed in different data centers, run data processing systems in different data centers, providing researchers with a logical view and the ability to seamless control.

Projects of Area D

Below you will find an overview of all individual projects and a brief description, which are assigned to Area D.

Project Z-INF

Project Z-INF:

Big data processing for SMART reactors

Principal Investigator S. Schulte

Coworker D. Schallmoser / E. Tas

This project integrates the services and research necessary to process the very large amounts of data produced in SMART reactors.

Project Z-V

Project Z-V:

Central tasks and administration of the Collaborative Research Centre (M. Schlüter / I. Smirnova / M. Johannsen)

This project is responsible for the central tasks and administration of the CRC. The tasks include the organization of joint project meetings, closed conferences, workshops and symposia, the coordination of the consolidation of scientific results of the projects, the implementation of measures for equal opportunities, the organization of guest and visiting scientist support and the presentation of the CRC to the public. Project Z‑V also manages all personnel and material resources of the CRC and ensures that the central funds, such as travel and personnel resources for all auxiliary staff in the CRC as well as investments for shared measuring equipment, benefit all projects equally.