Lia Gerdes

Lia Gerdes is a research associate the Institute for Organizational Design and Collaboration Engineering at TUHH. She holds a Master's degree in Innovation & Business from the University of Southern Denmark and a Bachelor's degree in Production and Process Engineering from the University of Bremen.

After working for some time as a project engineer in special machine construction, she founded a company with the aim of significantly accelerating the first phase of innovation projects with the help of creative, collaborative idea development and iterative prototyping.

She now wants to explore the question of the optimal conditions for the development of new, innovative products from a scientific perspective.

Curriculum vitae

06/2024-today Part time scientific assistant at the ODCE
02/2022-02/2024 General manager at the alstrio GmbH
09/2021-11/2021 Business Development Manager at the Akka Germany GmbH
11/2020-08/2021 Project engineer at the CREADIS GmbH
05/2017-/07 2017 Student Research Assistant at the research institute for production and logistics Bremen (BIBA)