Facilities of the Institute

To support research tasks the Institute of Mechanics and Ocean Engineering is provided with a well equipped laboratory, an extensive local computer pool and various software tools.

Laboratory Equipment

  • Laser-Scanning-Vibrometer
  • 1D-Laser Vibrometer
  • Two vibration tables (1m x 2m) with large mass for vibration tests
  • Force, distance and acceleration sensors including a six-component force measuring platform for underwater use
  • FFT-analyzers and measuring computers
  • Elevated wave channel (1,5m x 1,5m x 15m) with a precisely controllable flap wave generator
  • Elevated stagnant water basin


  • Own MBS Software (SimFMBS, RED)
  • Own toolboxes for topology optimization
  • Comercial MBS and FEM software
  • Hydrostatics and hydrodynamics software