Welcome to EJSCM 2024

Welcome to the 17th European-Japanese Symposium on Composite Materials 2024!

Conference Date: 02.09.2024-03.09.2024

On behalf of the Institute of Polymers and Composites of the Hamburg University of Technology and our partners, we are very pleased to welcome you to the beautiful city of Hamburg for an inspiring and insightful symposium.

We are delighted to welcome the leading and world-renowned scientists from Europe and Japan, all united by their passion and great expertise in the field of composites.

Our symposium aims to create a collaborative environment where ideas, innovations and experiences can be shared freely, openly and constructively. You will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of events, including keynote speeches, discussions, poster presentations and company tours, all designed to enhance our collective understanding and application of composites in various industries.

We are particularly looking forward to our valuable speakers who will present their latest research findings and industry insights. In addition, this symposium will also serve as a platform to discuss future collaborations and initiatives between all partners from Europe and Japan in this dynamic field.

In addition to the academic and professional exchange, we have also organized cultural activities to enrich your stay in Hamburg. We encourage you to explore the city's rich heritage, enjoy its exquisite cuisine and immerse yourself in its vibrant culture.

We would like to thank our sponsors, partners and all participants for making this symposium possible. Your contributions and enthusiasm are the driving force behind the success of this event.

We hope that the European-Japanese Symposium on Composites 2024 will be a memorable and valuable experience for you. Let's work together to advance the field of composites for a better future.

Welcome, and let's have a productive and enjoyable symposium!

Yours sincerely,

Bodo Fiedler

Conference Chair: Prof. Bodo Fiedler
Historical: 9th EJSCM (2004), TUHH Campus
Location: Hamburg, Germany

The EJSCM 2024 is jointly organized with the European and Japanese Society for Composite Materials.