LARB - Desciption and activities

One of the main goals of the IWWG-LARB is to train and provide reliable information to those interested in solid waste management in the region. As such, the IWWG-LARB continues to be very active in the region mostly in the organization and co-organization of congresses, courses, and workshops. Some of the most recent activities in 2013 include:

  • Co-organization and active participation in "Exporesiduos" in Bogota, Colombia (April 2013)
  • Participation in the International Conference on Solid Waste in Hong Kong, China (May 2013)
  • Co-organization of a course on "Composting and vermicomposting for the management of organic residues" in Bogota, Colombia (May 2013)
  • Organization of a special Forum on Resource Recovery on behalf of the Ministry of Environment of Ecuador within the congress "International Summit on the Environment" in Guayaquil, Ecuador (July 2013)

Some of the up-coming events that will be organized by members of the IWWG-LARB include:

  • Co-organization of GRAL 2013 in Sao Paulo, Brazil (September 2013)
  • Organization of a workshop on "Solid Waste Management Sustainability: Lessons learned from Latin America" during Sardinia 2013 (September 2013)
  • Organization of a workshop on "Management of special wastes" on behalf of the Ministry of Environment of Ecuador, Quito (November 2013)


The IWWG-LARB is pleased to announce the publishing of volume 1, no. 1 of GRAL, the journal for the LARB and the region (in Spanish). The journal will be launched in Sao Paulo at GRAL 2013.