ARB - Description and activities

Based on the IWWG Regional Branch Establishment Procedure, a Founding committee was formed by Pin-Jing He (Tongji University, China), Jae Young Kim (Seoul National University, Republic of Korea), and Toshihiko Matsuto (Hokkaido University, Japan), who are members of either the Managing Board and/or the Scientific Advisory Panel of IWWG. Starting from the three countries, ARB activity will be extended to other Asian countries in future.

One of the major activities of the IWWG-ARB so far was the organization of the 1st ARB-Symposium which was held in Sapporo, Japan, from 18th to 20th of March, 2013. The proceedings of this event are available for download from the Members area (password required).

The 2nd Symposium of IWWG-ARB was held in Shanghai, China, from 13 to 14 April, 2015, and additionally a training course on the afternoon of 12th April, and a technical tour on 15th April have been organized.

From 12 to 14 April, 2017, the 3rd IWWG-ARB Symposium will be held in Seoul National University, Seoul, Republic of Korea. For more and detailed information click here

For further enquiries and information, please contact Jae Young Kim, leader of the IWWG-ARB at Seoul National University, Korea (jaeykim(at)