Lotta Kursula, M.Sc.

Eißendorfer Str. 38, Building O, Room 1.015

Telephone +49 40 42878-3293

E-Mail: Lotta Kursula, M.Sc.


DFG Project SCHL 617/27-1 and LI 899/19-1 "Fine Bubbles for Biocatalytic Processes: Microscale Phenomena and Novel Applications"


Due to the high volumetric mass transfer coefficients achieved by fine bubble aeration of reactors, the gaseous phase can be utilized more efficiently compared to macroscopic aeration. Furthermore, in biocatalytic processes, the reaction yield is increasing when using fine bubble aeration. However, the exact mechanisms causing these improvements are not fully understood yet. To gather knowledge in this regard, and therefore enable process optimization, the local mass transfer phenomena are studied in the scope of the project.  This includes investigations of the interactions between enzymes and the concentration boundary layer of the bubbles on a microscale.