Topics for Theses

We are always looking for motivated students to write their Bachelor's or Master's thesis (or work on a Research Project) with us. At the moment, we offer topics in the areas of federated learning, blockchain technologies, the Internet of Things, and theory of distributed computing. If you are interested in a particular topic, please contact the person mentioned in the thesis advertisement. If you are not interested in these specific topics, but nevertheless you want to write your thesis with us, simply write a mail to Dominik Schallmoser (dominik dot schallmoser at tuhh dot de).

We strongly recommend that you inquire at least 2-3 months before you want to start with your thesis whether supervision is actually possible. When doing so, please send us a up-to-date transcript, so that we can identify where your strengths are.

Please note that we do not supervise topics defined by companies.

While the goal of our supervised theses is to investigate novel concepts and methods, it is almost always necessary to implement these concepts and methods. Therefore, one important requirement is that interested students already have a very good level of implementation skills.

Open Topics