Sea-Level Rise and Coastal Wetland Dynamics

Sea level rise (SLR) is a well-documented aspect of anthropogenic climate change which is primary due to the thermal expansion of seawater and melting of ice caps and glaciers. Climate change is expected to exacerbate sea-level rise within the next century, much larger than the observations since the beginning of the recordings. [Click here for more infomation]



Soil Salinization from Pore- to Global-Scale

Understanding saline water evaporation from porous media is of crucial importance in many environmental and hydrologic processes such as soil salinization, terrestrial ecosystem functioning and biodiversity in vadose zone. The significant impact of soil salinization on many environmental and hydrologic processes, the expansion and intensification of agriculture for food production, and projected changes in future climate and the hydrological cycle create an urgent need to better understand the processes affecting soil salinization. We employ a variety of tools to understand the mechanisms controlling soil salinization from pore- to global scales [Click here for more infomation]

Fundamentals of Multiphase Flow in Porous Media

In the process of immiscible displacement of a receding fluid by an invading fluid in a porous medium, one or more pores may be bypassed by the invading fluid as it advances into the medium, leaving behind some disconnected or isolated fluid clusters trapped in the porous medium. Knowledge of the morphology, distribution and mobilization of the trapped fluid under a given boundary condition is required in many applications such as enhanced oil recovery or designing efficient remediation schemes for contaminated soils [Click here for more infomation]

Soil Water Evaporation Dynamics

Evaporation from porous media is of significant importance in many fields ranging from hydrology and agriculture, to food sciences and engineering applications. In particular, we are interested in the analysis of water evaporation from soil under a given boundary condition. Soil water evaporation involves coupled heat and mass flow and depends on the transport properties of soil and the external atmospheric conditions. We are interested in the investigation of water evaporation dynamics from porous media taking into account the complex interaction between transport properties of porous media and external boundary conditions [Click here for more infomation]

Ecohydrology and Sustainable Terrestrial Ecosystems

Preserving terrestrial ecosystems requires targeted efforts to promote sustainable land-use management for both agricultural and industrial purposes. To do so, it is a necessity to develop realistic proposals for improving water use efficiency especially in arid and semi-arid regions where increasing demand for water is a complex challenge with all the associated socio-economic implications. Realizing this urgency, we are interested in developing novel tools for sustainable land-use, water and ecosystem management [Click here for more infomation]

Foam Flow in Porous Media: From Fundamentals to Applications

In subsurface environment, hydrocarbons are commonly released due to widespread use, improper disposal, accidental spills and through leakage of underground storage tanks. This can serve as a long-term source of contamination of soil and groundwater, which poses significant challenges to the human health, agriculture, and water quality. Foam injection in porous media proved to be a promising approach to mobilize the trapped oil due to its unique physicochemical properties. Foam is a dispersed gaseous phase within a continuous aqueous phase comprised mainly of thin liquid films [Click here for more infomation]