Welcome to the Institute of Geo-Hydroinformatics at TUHH

Welcome to the Institute of Geo-Hydroinformatics at Technische Universität Hamburg (TUHH)! We are a part of the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at TUHH.

We are interested in tackling global challenges concerning water, soil, and the environment. We are passionate about creating new knowledge through research and innovation, especially in the development of innovative measurement tools and predictive capabilities that harness the strengths of sensing technologies and big data analytics. We aim to provide accurate and quantitative insights into multiscale and multiphase ecohydrological processes occurring near the Earth's surface. 

We integrate theoretical frameworks with state-of-the-art modeling and experimental techniques, leveraging cutting-edge tools such as artificial intelligence, computational fluid dynamics, environmental sensing technologies, thermal imaging, satellite remote sensing, big data, analytics and informatics to offer new insights and perspectives on the complex interactions between soil, water, and the atmosphere.

We are always interested in working with committed and enthusiastic students. To explore the available B.Sc. and M.Sc. projects and dissertations as well as Ph.D. and postdoctoral positions, please feel free to contact:


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