The Institute of Geo-Hydroinformatics utilizes novel tools to integrate state-of-the-art research with teaching. We place a particular focus on developing and extending students' research skills and problem solving capabilities. We believe this will help our students to be ready for addressing a wide range of concerning issues around the word including but not limited to land, water, climate and energy related challenges. Our courses are multidisciplinary and cover a wide range of fundamental, theoretical, modelling (with in-house or commercial software) and experimental topics. The list of the active courses in our institute is listed below:

Offered courses

Winter semester

  • Module: Subsurface Processes - M.Sc. level
    • Modeling of Subsurface Processes - 3 SWS exercise
    • Subsurface Solute Transport - 2 SWS lecture
    • Subsurface Solute Transport - 1 SWS exercise
  • Module: Emerging Trends in Environmental Engineering - M.Sc. level
    • Environmental Research Trends - 2 SWS seminar based
    • Microplastics in Environment - 2 SWS lecture
    • Scientific Communication and Methods - 1 SWS lecture
  • Module: New Trends in Water and Environmental Research - B.Sc. level
    • Introduction to Microplastics in Environment - 2 SWS lecture and seminars
    • Research Methods - 1 SWS lecture
    • Research Trends - 2 SWS lecture

Summer semester

  • Module: Advanced Vadose Zone Hydrology - M.Sc. level
    • Vadose Zone Hydrology - 2 SWS lecture
    • Vadose Zone Hydrology - 1 SWS exercise
    • Modeling Processes in Vadose Zone - 1 SWS lecture
    • Modeling Processes in Vadose Zone - 1 SWS computer lab
  • Module: Numerical modelling of soil water dynamics - B.Sc. level
    • Numerical modelling of soil water dynamics - 2 SWS lecture
    • Numerical modelling of soil water dynamics - 2 SWS project/problem based course
  • Module: Water and Environment: Theory and Application - B.Sc. level
    • Water and Environment: Theory - 1 SWS lecture
    • Water and Environment: Application and Field Work - 3 SWS project based

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