Mr. Jorge Nicolas Becerra Gomez

An environmental engineer from Universidad de los Andes in Colombia. During my BSc studies, I developed several skills in GIS tools and after my studies, I worked as a GIS engineer designing sewer systems for the city of Bogota. I worked for 3 years using geoinformatics information for the development of several projects in Bogota. In 2018, I started my MSc studies in Environmental Engineering at Hamburg University of Technology and in 2019 I started an MBA program at Northern Institute of Technology. My MSc thesis focuses on the consequences of sea level rise along the coastline of Colombia based on digital elevation models (DEM), both Caribbean and Pacific coasts, according to the IPCC scenarios (RCP 2.6, 4.5, and 8.5). Additionally, an analysis of the present type/use of land that is under the potential risk of inundation with the associated socio-economic impacts on the population living in these areas.