Mr. Bentley Schmidt

I received my Bachelor of Science in Energy and Environmental Engineering from the Hamburg University of Technology in 2020. I completed my bachelor thesis at the Institute of Polymers and Composites with a focus on the electrochemical properties of a unique nanocarbon structure with ionic liquids. After graduating, I developed a strong interest in hydrogeology, hydrochemistry and programming in R and Python.
Since 2020 I have been working for Consulaqua Hamburg, a subsidiary of Hamburg Wasser, where I am gaining insight into geological and groundwater modelling in GIS and FEEFLOW. I also have the opportunity to discover AI for forecasting and modelling support. Therefore, I am now doing an external master thesis at the Institute of Geo-Hydroinformatics. I am working with my supervisors on a feasibility study for the use of managed aquifer recharge systems for water supply in Hamburg.