Mr. Adarsh Manoj

In 2020, I completed my Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University Kerala, India. Due to my interest in environmental protection, I was an active member of an environmental club called 'SWAN club' during my undergraduate studies. After my graduation, I wanted to pursue my master degree in the field of Environmental Studies. In 2021, I started my Master in Environmental Engineering at the Technical University of Hamburg, specialising in the field of water.
I am currently working with the Institute of Geo-Hydroinformatics for my project and thesis on the effects of salinity and microplastics on plant growth. During master I became interested in studying and researching factors and compounds that disrupt soil structure and thereby alter plant growth. Microplastics are an emerging concern for the environment and public health, and studying them can help us gain knowledge about their sources, distribution and impact on the environment. Studying microplastics can also help us develop more sustainable and responsible practices, such as controlling the use of plastics and improving waste management. As an individual who cares more about the environment and sustainability, I am excited about research on microplastics on plant growth and soil.