Ms. Erika Cuida López

In 2014, I obtained my Bachelor of Science degree in Geology at the National University of Colombia. For five years, I worked as a consultant for public institutions and private entities in Colombia focused on the area of geochemistry and hydro-geochemistry applied to environmental geology.

In 2022, I completed my master's studies in the Tropical Hydrogeology and Environmental Engineering program at Technical University of Darmstadt. During my studies I focused on geochemistry and hydro-geochemistry analysis and in the development of laboratory skills. As part of my studies, I participated on an interdisciplinary project regarding environmental reconstruction from analysis of lake sediments, carrying out chemical fractionation procedure technique and GC-MS, TOC, XRF, XRD and ICP-MS analysis in sediments and soils.

Since November 2022, I am a researcher at the Institute of Geo-Hydroinformatics at the Hamburg University of Technology as part of a project that aims to evaluate the foam as a potential vehicle for fertilizers in coarse soils.