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 Day 1

23.05.2022,13:00 Registration



13:45 Introductory Talk

Andreas Timm-Giel, President of TUHH


Adaption & Sustainability

Session Chair: Jürgen Grabe


14:00 Future Ecosystems and Biodiversity linked to Marine Engineering Structures

Karen Wiltshire, Vicedirector AWI


14:30 Adaptive Structures in Architecture 

Walter Haase, SFB 1244 Universität Stuttgart


15:00 Rising on ice - Antarctic Station Neumayer III

Andreas Nitschke, Ramboll, Hamburg


15:30 to 16:00 coffee break

Impact & Resistance

Session Chair: Sören Ehlers


16:00 Rising water levels and probability of extreme weather and waves

Vera Fofonova, AWI & Norbert Hoffmann, TUHH


16:30 Adaption of steel and concrete structures allowing longer lifecycles

Sylvia Keßler, HSU & Johannes Gescher, TUHH & Marcus Rutner, TUHH


Modeling, Simulations & Optimization

Session Chair: Norbert Hoffmann


17:00 Modern computational techniques for modeling, simulation and optimization of large and flexible structures

Roland Wüchner, TU Braunchweig & Kai-Uwe Bletzinger, TU München


17:30 Multifield and multiscale problems: Challenges in modeling, simulation and optimization of marine structures

Alexander Düster, TUHH & Thomas Rung, TUHH


 19:00 Conference Dinner at "Silo 16"



Day 2

Monitoring & Automation

Session Chair: Marcus Rutner


09:00 Smart Sensor Systems - Aspects of Low Power Design, Energy Harvesting, and Artificial Intelligence

Khiem Trieu, TUHH & Johannes Gescher, TUHH & Kay Smarsly, TUHH


09:30 Coupling underwater and construction robotics for waterside structures

Robert Seifried, TUHH & Kay Smarsly, TUHH & Kosmas Dragos, TUHH & Daniel Dücker, TUHH & Marc-André Pick, TUHH


10:00 Autonomous robotics using microbial energy harvesting

Ioannis A. Ieropoulos, University of Southampton, UK


10:30 to 11:00 coffee break


Session Chair: Kay Smarsly


11:00 smartBRIDGE Hamburg - the digital twin of the Köhlbrand bridge - optimizing infrastructure maintenance

Niklas Schwarz, Port Process Solutions, HPA


11:30 Adaptive bridge design through additively manufactured modular Laminated Metal Composites

Marcus Rutner, TUHH


Quay Walls

Session Chair: Alexander Düster


12:00 Climate change, sustainability, ship size development - challenges for the Port of Hamburg

Christian Heitmann, HPA


12:30 Smart quay walls & trends in quay-wall engineering

Alfred Roubos, Port of Rotterdam


13:00 to 14:00 lunch break

Floating Structures

Session Chair: Robert Seifried


14:00 Floating wind turbines - developments and challenges

Kimon Argyriadis, Director Floating Wind Energy Systens, Renewables Certification, Germanischer Loyd Industrial Services GmbH


14:30 Model tests of a wave energy converter in tailored wave sequences

Marco Klein, TUHH & Leo Dostal, TUHH & Marc-André Pick, TUHH & Merten Stender, TUHH


15:00 Numerical and experimental investigations on the dynamic behaviour of offshore structures in waves

Moustafa Abdel-Maksoud, TUHH & Nils Goseberg, TU Braunschweig


15:30 Closing

Jürgen Grabe, TUHH