Dr. Lennart Bamberg



Guest Lecturer

Contact Details

Lennart Bamberg

Mail: lennart.bamberg(at)nxp(dot)com

Building E, Room

Consulting Hours

On appointment

Research Interests

My current research topics concentrate on the following areas:

  • Computer Architectures
    Efficient, scaleable, and heterogeneous computer architectures for embedded devices
  • Edge-AI / TinyML
    Efficient AI/ML on resource constrained devices
  • RISC-V
    Processor architectures based on the open and extendable RISC-V ISA
  • On-chip Networks
    Reliable, efficient, and scaleable on-Chip interconnect architectures


I have authored over 30 peer-reviewed conference & journal papers in my field of research. Moreover, I have written two monographs. My recent book "3D Interconnect Architectures for Heterogeneous Technologies" is available on Springer. Please check it out.


A detailed list of my publications can be obtained from Google Scholar.

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