Arne Grünhagen, M. Sc.

I am an external PhD candidate in the DASHH Graduate school working at HAW. My PhD supervisors are Prof. M. Tropmann-Frick, Prof. A. Eichler (DESY, TUHH), and Prof. G. Fey (TUHH).

My profile at DASHH:

Research Interests

- Predictive Maintenance

- Data Management


External PhD Candidate

Contact Details

Arne Grünehagen

Tel.: +49 (0) 40 8998-1623



Joint Publications with the Institute of Embedded Systems


  • Arne Grünhagen and Julien Branlard and Annika Eichler and Gianluca Martino and Goerschwin Fey and Marina Tropmann-Frick (2021). Fault Analysis of the Beam Acceleration Control System at the European XFEL using Data Mining. Asian Test Symposium (ATS)

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