Mechanical Modelling


Finite element (FE) modelling allows parametric study of factors affecting the mechanical stability of implants. Such models allow mechanical stresses and strains to be sampled in each material and at interfaces. Many modern hip components are uncemented and anchored by press fit. The application of contact analysis at interfaces allows predicitons of bone ingrowth to be made. The reaction of the skeleton by remodelling can also be studied by relating local mechanical stimuli to changes in local bone density. Modern software allows patient-specific variations to be incorporated by mapping bone geometry and density from CT scan data. Micro-CT models also allow press-fit to be studied at the scale of the trabeculae comprising the cancellous bone. Comparison with experimental data, particularly in-house cadaveric studies are used to validate FE models. Analytical modelling is also used to understand load transfer in hip implantations from first principles.


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