Institute of Biomechanics

Projects in the field of Endoprothetics

Head: Prof. Dr. habil., Ph.D. Michael Morlock / Dr.-Ing. Nick Bishop

Current Personnel
Johanna Bätz
Philipp Messer
Emilie Dickinson
Nick Bishop
Graeme Campbell
Michael Morlock
Annika Krull
Annelie Rehmer
Jan-Christian Höhn
Omar Abouezzeddine
Stephan Rothstock
Anne Gebert de Uhlenbrock



Since the Biomechanics Institute was founded in 1980 by Prof. Erich Schneider, the focus was always on assessment, development and testing of orthopaedic implants, and in particular hip endoprosthesis, for which Hamburg has a disproportionately high volume of clinical throughput. Projects are supported by the university, by grants from the German Research Council and by industrial partners. Studies are undertaken by undergraduate and post-graduate students and by medical students and surgeons from the many local clinics. Our particular areas of study are presented below.

Cadaveric bone

Post Mortem Retr.

Joint friction
Imaging and Analysis

Foam modelsImpactionRevision RetrievalsMechanical Modelling

Intraoperative ForcesAcoustic analysis

Intraoperative analysis