Since its foundation in 1980, the focus of the Institute of Biomechanics has been on the development and testing of surgical and orthopedic implants and endoprostheses, as well as their implantation process. This is done in close cooperation with the manufacturing companies as well as hospitals that use these implants in clinical practice. Research projects and studies are carried out by bachelor, master and doctoral students of the TU, but also by physicians who are released by their clinics to work at the TU. The analysis of clinical problem cases and the close cooperation with the Endoprosthesis Register Germany (EPRD) enables a fast implementation of new findings for the benefit of the patient.
Research is closely linked to teaching in order to train students who are at the cutting edge of development and thus have excellent prerequisites for entering the profession. With this motivation, the Hamburg University of Technology  introduced in 1999 the specialization Medical Engineering in the degree program AIW and consecutively the Master degree program Medical Engineering to provide students with an even more focused education.
We are happy to be able to contribute to the improvement of patient care and to be part of an exciting community.