Kickoff meeting


The project’s kickoff meeting took place via video conference on August 26th, 2020.

Monthly meetings


After the successful launch of the project, all partners are performing monthly video calls for actual exchanges and detailed project planning. Due to pandemic situation no personal exchange between partners was possible yet. Personal meetings and workshops are planned for the remaining duration of the project.

Personal meetings

26. – 30. July 2021, Hamburg, Germany
Visit of one researcher from Technion at TU Hamburg. Introduction to each research field (laboratory and simulation work). Connecting data from laboratory results (so far) with planned simulation tasks. Discussing machine learning approaches.

17. – 21. December 2021, Hamburg/Kiel, Germany
Visit of two researchers from TU Ilmenau and Technion at TU Hamburg. Planning test bed experiments (Hamburg and Ilmenau). Visiting associated partner bbe Moldaenke and discussing future challenges of water quality control.

09. – 15. April 2022, Haifa, Israel
Visit of two researchers from TU Hamburg and TU Ilmenau at Technion. A general exchange between German and Israeli research groups. Trip to the north of Israel, including a visit to the local water filtration facility plant and water reservoirs of the national water carrier. Participating in mutual workshops in various fields of water distribution systems modeling.

25. – 27. October 2022, Ashdod, Israel
Participation of all researchers at “MOST-BMBF Cooperation in Water Technology Research Status Seminar Israel, 2022”. Presenting the current results of the MoDiCon. First personal meeting of all partners in Israel. Planning future project work as well as further research collaborations. Excursion to a desalination plant in Ashdod.

03. – 05. July, Ilmenau, Germany
Visit of one researcher from TU Hamburg at TU Ilmenau. Visiting the pilot plant and discussing options regarding the link of both project parts. How can the pilot plant in Ilmenau be connected to developed sensor measurement systems? Planning of a final project workshop.


Future meetings

17. – 19. September, Ilmenau, Germany
MoDiCon project workshop and final project meeting. Workshop topic: “Securing Water Quality in Drinking Water Networks – MoDiCon Approach and Further”. Besides ModiCon partners, interested parties from academia and industry will be invited to the workshop. (Link to the preliminary program will appear here soon)