Climate, Climatic Change and Society, Theme C3: Sustainable Adaption Scenarios for Coastal Systems

Coastal systems form interacting human-environment systems, characterized by local and remote feedback mechanisms between climate and society. C3 develops integrated coastal system models that account for climate change impacts and consider major anthropogenic impacts to coastal systems through physically consistent parameterizations.
C3 further develops socially plausible future scenarios in a discourse-guided process and links these with geophysical, biophysical, food web and socio-economic components using an iterative modelling approach to develop sustainable adaptation options. C3 addresses the central questions for Theme C through an iterative dialog-based participative modelling approach, considering trade-offs and key-sensitivities and feedbacks of coupled human-environment coastal systems.
C3 will contribute to the CLICCS objectives through the provision of strategies on how to reconcile climate adaptation and mitigation strategies with competing anthropogenic uses and social interests.

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Chairs:Kay-Christian Emeis (UHH/HZG),
Peter Fröhle (TUHH),
Christian Möllmann (UHH),
Beate Ratter (UHH/HZG)
Project durationApril 2019 bis April 2022
Project Lead Coastal Protection:Peter Fröhle
Project Team Coastal Protection:Philipp Jordan