Xaver Hindcast – Wangerooge (2015-2016)

Hindcast of waves at the German North Sea coast during the winter storm Xaver

The main goal of the project is the hindcast of waves at the German North Sea coast (Island of Wangerooge) during winter storm Xaver (2013.12.06-05). Numerical wave simulations on the basis of the SWAN model are carried out. For the calibration and validation of the simulation results available records of waves are used (e.g. from the research platform FINO1 in the North Sea).
Background of the research project are significant dune erosion problems on the Island of Wangerooge during the winter storm surge Dec 2013. For the assessment of the erosion information about the wave climate in front of the dunes (cp. Figure 1) with a high horizontal and temporal resolution are needed. Moreover the local water level records are taken into account for the assessment. 

Duration: 2015-2016

Client: Local authority for coastal protection Lower-Saxony (NLKWN), Station Norden-Norderney

Project Leader: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Fröhle

Contact: Dipl.-Ing. Norman Dreier