For installing FITIn, we currently recommend Linux Kernel 3 or newer and glibc library not newer than v2.16. Required tools are autoconf, automake, and a C compiler; if one optionally wants to run the test suite that is part of the distribution, then Ruby v1.9 or newer and the rake-gem are additionally required. Please click here to download the latest version of FITIn.

The distribution contains the Valgrind source (currently release 3.8.1) where FITIn is embedded in the subdirectory fitin. FITIn and Valgrind, thus, do not exist independently from each other: when building FITIn, Valgrind gets built as well.

After successfully downloading and extracting the archive file, please open a shell and move to the extraction target. Execute the following commands for completing the installation:
./configure --prefix=$pwd
make && make install

For running the test suite of FITIn, proceed to the subdirectory fitin/tests. If necessary, edit the configuration file rake.config.rb especially with the proper word size of the current platform and then execute rake <task> where task refers to synthetic tests as well as various benchmarks.