Prof. Dr. Sibylle Schupp

 Head of Institute STS


Software Quality & Certification: 
Static Analysis, Timed Automata, Testing, Verification

Generic Programming, Functional Programming, Typed Languages

Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) 

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  • Functional Programming
  • Software Verification
  • Project Laboratory
  • Praktikum (Software Laboratory)
  • Haupseminar
  • Oberseminar

Old courses and seminar topics

  • Seminar (Bachelor): Safety meets Security (SS'16) || Seminar (Master): Tests and Proofs (SS'16) || Seminar: Automated Software Evolution (WS'15) || Hauptseminar: Models of Computation for Cyber-Physical Systems (SS'15) || Proseminar Automated Software Repair (WS'14) || Hauptseminar Analysis and Verification Techniques for Mobile Applications (WS'14) || Proseminar Data Structures for Software Analysis (SS'14) || Seminar Analysis and Verification Techniques for Mobile Applications (SS'14) || Proseminar Automated Software Repair (WS'13) || Seminar Analysis and Verification Techniques with Applications in Program Reconstruction (WS'13) || Seminar Program Reconstruction(SS'13) organized as NASA Seminar (with UHH, U. Bremen, U. Oldenburg) || Proseminar Advanced Functional Programming (SS'12) || Seminar SIFHT (Software-Implemented Hardware Fault Tolerance) (SS'12) || Proseminar CPS (WS'11) || Seminar: Static Analysis and Verificatione (WS'11) || Proseminar Software Testing (SS'11) || Seminar Static Analysis and Verification (SS'11) i || Seminar Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) (WS'10) || NASA Seminar (Northern Axis of Software Analysis), with U. Bremen and U. Oldenburg (SS'10) || Proseminar Software Testing (SS'10) || International Collegiate Programming Contest (CPC), with Prof. Turau, TUHH (SS'10) || Proseminar Software Analysis (WS'09) || Seminar Software-Implemented Hardware-Fault Tolerance (SIHFT) (SS'09)
  • Koschke, Rainer; Schupp, Sibylle; Winter, Andreas (eds): Software-Analyse und Transformation, Tagungsband des gemeinsamen NASA Seminars der Softwaretechnik-Abteilungen der Universität Bremen, Hamburg-Harburg und Oldenburg. no. 1/2010, (Oldenburg Lecture Notes on Software Engineering) Software-Engineering, 2010




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1/1/2009 - present TUHH
6/1/2003 - 12/31/2008Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg (Sweden)
8/1/1996 - 05/31/2003Rensselaer Institute of Technology (RPI), NY, USA
Jul. 1996Ph.D. Univ. Tübingen (Supervisor: R. Loos)