Philosopher's Seminar 2021

Mechanically Verifying Purpose Limitation: Why, How, and How Often?

On November 11, Sibylle Schupp is invited speaker at the interdisciplinary <link https: about philosophers-seminar-2021 _blank seminar>Philosophers’ Seminar 2021:
The Legal Effect of Code-Driven ‘Law’?
which brings together lawyers, computer scientists, and philosophers. The seminar is organized by <link https: _blank cohubicol>
<link https: _blank cohubicol>COHUBICOL.


Institute for Software Systems


STS is an Institute of  Hamburg University of Technology and the
School of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Under the slogan "Software, Technology and Systems (STS)", 
the institute combines fundamental research on descriptions and
dependences of software systems with practical issues and applications
from both engineering and social sciences.