Sustainable & Cost efficient High performance composite Structures demanding temperature and fire resistance - SuCoHS

The SuCoHS project investigates potential weight and cost savings in expanding the use of composite materials in areas of demanding high thermal conditions.

The SOL working groups is involved in the following activities:

  • uncertainty quantification due to manufacturing-induced defects during the automatic fiber placement (AFP) 
  • probabilistic modeling of temperature deviations
  • probabilistic design allowables extraction
  • inverse stochastic approaches for improved tolerances
  • continuous re-evaluation of the probability of failure using structural health monitoring (SHM)

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  • Ansprechpartner: Georgios Balokas
  • Laufzeit: 09/2018-02/2022
  • Gefördert durch: Europäische Union im Rahmen von Horizont 2020
  • Federführung: DLR