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This project is funded by the Hamburg Ministry of Science, Research, Equalities and Districts (BWFGB) from April 2019 to March 2023.


Project Leader
Project Manager
M. Schlüter
M. Johannsen,
C. Spille,
D. Niehaus
Institute of Multiphase Flows (IMS)
Additively Manufactured Lattice Structures for Optimization of Gas-Liquid Reactions
In the joint project "Smart Reactors" additive manufactured, structured reactor internals are developed and their influence on fluid dynamics of a two-phase flow is investigated. The structures can be custom-made from various materials and can be adapted to the specific requirements of the selected process.
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Prof. C.
M.I. Maiwald
Institute of Laser and System Technologies (iLAS)
Additive Manufacturing of Bed Reactors
Unit cells with a particularly high specific surface area are developed and optimized, since this is to be used for carrying a catalyst. With a large specific surface area, more of the catalyst can be applied and thus a higher conversion can be achieved.
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S. Heinrich
S. Pietsch,
H.S. Rothberg,
C. Eichler
Institute of Solids Process Engineering and Particle Technology (SPE)
Smart Reactors in Solids Process Engineering
A miniaturized fluidized bed apparatus is constructed for the coating of very fine and valuable bed material and coating agents. Due to the small dimensions of the process chamber it is very difficult to produce a welded construction for the miniaturized apparatus. For this reason, a spouted bed process chamber is printed from PA12 (nylon) using 3D printing in collaboration with the Institute of Laser and System Technologies.
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R. Horn
O. Korup,
A.E. Aquino,
S. Sichert
Institute of Chemical Reaction Engineering (ICRT)
Epoxidation of Propylene to Propylene Oxide with Hydrogen Peroxide over TS-1 Extrudates and Coated 3D printed Periodic Open Cell (POC) in Liquid Phase Spatial Profile Reactor
The first spatially resolved measurements in a liquid phase reaction under industrial conditions in a randomly packed bed of TS-1 extrudates are presented and several approaches are being evaluated for the implementation of catalyst coated 3D printed POC´s as tailor made catalytic bed with optimized and truly engineered transport properties.
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A. Liese
A. Dawood,
D. Eixenberger
Institute of Technical Biocatalysis (ITB)
Smart Reactors in Biocatalysis
One major focus of today’s research in industrial production of fine chemicals is an advanced digitalization (industry 4.0) and an increasing demand of smart technology in terms of reaction design. This concept is also finding significant relevance in biocatalysis as a rising trend.
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I. Smirnova
X. Hu,
K. Eckert
Institute of Thermal Separation Processes (TVT)
Smart Reactor Concepts Utilizing Stimuli-Responsive Gels
Stimuli-responsive gels are widely known in the field of intelligent materials, which possess both sensory and actuating properties based on the thermodynamic equilibrium with the surrounding medium. With the application of these materials in process engineering units, novel process concepts can be developed, which are capable of self-regulated process control, thus making them "Smart Reactors".
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