Selective absorbers and emitters



Surfaces with narrow-band high absorption ef?ciency are particularly desirable for various applications including monochromatic photodetectors and coherent thermal emitters. Efficient light absorbers based on metamaterials and plasmonic nanostructures have received increased attention in the recent literature. First a narrow-band absorbing metamaterial at microwave regime was proposed [1]. Later different concepts were presented for visible and infrared wavelengths based on lithographic partnering of the metallic surface and nanowire metamaterial [2-4]. All these approaches would require a consuming lithographic partnering of the surface. In contrast to the absorbers prepared by lithography, a low-cost fabrication method based on colloidal crystals has been utilized to produce large area structures with near perfect light absorption [5,6].



The research in the institute for Optical and Electronic Materials is concentrated on designing a broadband and narrowband absorbers and emitters that can operate at high temperature (> 1000°C). The goal is to realize such a high temperature absorbers and emitters with following properties:

High thermal stability (> 1000°C).

High emissivity in desirable range independent of angle and polarization.



Manohar Chirumamilla