Port Logistics

Lecturer Prof. Dr.-Ing. Carlos Jahn
Contact person Ole Grasse
Target Audience LIM / IWI
Lecture type Lecture & Exercise
Lecture term Summer term
Language German
Credit Points 6 ECTS
Type of examination Exam (Bonus with exercises)


Port logistics involves the planning, management, execution and control of material flows and the associated information flows in the port system and its interfaces to numerous players inside and outside the port area.

The module Port Logistics is aiming at students of "Logistik, Infrastruktur und Mobilität" as well as "Internationales Wirtschaftsingenieurswesen" during their second semester.

The outstanding role of maritime transport for international trade requires efficient ports. These must meet numerous requiremenents in terms of profitability, speed, safety and environment. Recognizing this, port logistics contains the planning, management, operation and control of material flows and the corresponding information flows in the system and its interfaces to several actors within and outside the port area. The course "Port Logistics" aims to provide skills to comprehend structures and processes in ports. It focusses on different terminal types, their characteristic layouts, the technical equipment which is used and the interaction between the actors.The exercise futher deepens the skills taught in the lecture by using mathematical examples. Furthermore guest speakers from the industry will be invited to show topics relevant to the lecture from a different angle.

Lecture Contents

  • Definition of structures and processes in ports
  • Planning, steering, execution and controlling of material and information flows in port
  • Basics about different types of terminal, layouts and used equipment
  • Working on current topics of port logistics  


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