Dennis Gibhardt

Dennis Gibhardt
Hamburg University of Technology
Kunststoffe und Verbundwerkstoffe
Eißendorfer Straße 40 (N)
21073 Hamburg
Building N
Room 2030
Tel: +49 40 42878 8256

DACWE - Direct Air Conditioning in Wind Energy turbines

Fundamentals of Materials Science II

PBL: From Molecule to Composite Part

Team Project MB


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  • Buggisch, Christina and Gibhardt, Dennis and Felmet, Nils and Tetzner, Yannick and Fiedler, Bodo (2021). Strain sensing in GFRP via fully integrated carbon nanotube epoxy film sensors. Composites Part C: Open Access. 46. (8), 100191 [Abstract] [doi]

  • Buggisch, Christina and Gibhardt, Dennis and Kern, Mareile and Fiedler, Bodo (2022). Impact damage detection in glass fibre reinforced polymers via electrical capacitance measurements on integrated carbon fibre bundles. Composites Communications. 30. (1), 101090 [Abstract] [doi]

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  • Gibhardt, Dennis and Buggisch, Christina and Meyer, Devin and Fiedler, Bodo (2022). Hygrothermal Aging History of Amine-Epoxy Resins: Effects on Thermo-Mechanical Properties. Frontiers in Materials. 9. 2544 [doi]

  • Harder, Sergej and Röper, Florian and Gibhardt, Dennis and Koert, Benedikt and Fiedler, Bodo (2020). Strength of scarf-bonded CFRP repairs containing disc-shaped zones of weak bonding considering hot-wet conditioning. International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives. 102. 102643 [Abstract] [doi]

  • Jonas Drummer and Dennis Gibhardt and Johann Körbelin and Bodo Fiedler (2022). General influence of the environmental temperature on the matrix strength under tensile and compressive loading - A comprehensive study on high performance matrices. CNT-NET 07 Special Issue with regular papers. 109486 [Abstract]

Student Thesis