Airbus Tour

How to register?
Are you interested in a behind-the-scenes look at the world-renowned Airbus factory?
We are offering a unique opportunity to tour the Airbus production facilities as part of the EJSCM2024 conference.

To register for the tour, please email until 31.07.2024 with the following information:

    Date of Birth:
    Country of Birth:

We look forward to seeing you there!


Date and Time
Start / Meeting Point (Bus transfer):
03.09.2024, 13:20
TUHH Denickestraße 15, 21073 Hamburg (Building K)

Tour: ~2:30 h + 30 min Check-In
Airbus Kreetslag 7, 21129 Hamburg

End (Bus transfer):
03.09.2024, ~18:15
TUHH Denickestraße 15, 21073 Hamburg (Building K)

After registration, please bring the following for the Tour:

  • Bring your passport!


Further Information

  • Minimum age of participants 14 years (no exceptions).
  • Guided tours are not suitable for wheelchair users and people with walking difficulties.
  • Please wear closed, sturdy shoes.
  • Image and sound recordings and the use of cell phones are not permitted in the factory. Cell phones must be switched off during the entire tour.
  • The instructions of the factory guide or factory security staff must be followed in all cases.
  • Visitors may not move away from the group during the tour. If you leave the group and plant security has to be called in, you will be charged for the costs incurred.
  • Visitor passes and possibly a personal tour guide will be issued at the beginning of the tour. Both must be returned in full to the tour guide at the end of the visit. If we issue a guide device, you are welcome to use your own headphones with a 3.5 mm jack plug.
  • Touching aircraft parts or the aircraft is not permitted. Smoking, eating and drinking are not permitted in the hangars. Pets are not permitted.
  • Guests who are under the influence of alcohol (0.0 per mille) or whose safety we are concerned about for other reasons cannot take part in the tour. Access to the factory premises is at the discretion of Airbus factory security
  • In noise protection areas marked with the corresponding blue symbol, the wearing of hearing protection is mandatory. You can obtain this free of charge from the hearing protection dispensers at the relevant entrances.  Airbus/Globetrotter accepts no liability for hearing damage if you do not wear this protection correctly.
  • All business information of the Airbus Group and its business partners that becomes known to you during the tour must be kept confidential from third parties. This also applies to internal company information, such as technical and structural facilities, production methods and processes.
  • All publications that are subsequently published about the factory visit must be released by Airbus via Globetrotter Erlebnis GmbH.
  • Airbus as the host and Globetrotter as the organizer reserve the right to suspend or cancel guided tours without substitution - even at short notice - for operational or safety-related reasons. No costs will be incurred for this, but no claims for damages can be made.

In the event of misconduct or disturbances, Airbus/Globetrotter may also expel participants from the premises during the tour. Airbus and/or Globetrotter accept no liability for any damage to property or personal injury.




Historical: 9th EJSCM (2004), Airbus
(c) Airbus / M. Lindner
Airbus Faccility, Hamburg-Finkenwerder