Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP)

The Scientific Advisory Panel is a pool of a limited number of high-ranking distinguished scientists and professionals, appointed by the Board in view of their high reputation and standing. They act as a kind of think tank and support the Board. In addition, the SAP is preparing policy papers for the IWWG on current waste topics. These papers can be reviewed under the IWWG website section "Publications" as well as in the official journal of the IWWG, Waste Management.

Currently, the SAP consists of the following members:

Antoni Sánchez Gudrun Obersteiner Aldo Muntoni
solid-state fermentation, composting, anaerobic digestion, nanotechnology waste prevention, food waste, LCA solid waste management, energy & material recovery from waste, hazardous waste stabilization
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Lingyue Zhang Marco Ritzkowski Lidia Lombardi
Leachate Treatment, MSW Management, LCA landfill aftercare, landfill remediation, MBT LCA, thermal treatments, energy recovery
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Francisco Oliveira Dimitrios Komilis Maria Aivalioti
sanitary landfills and WM in DCs, closed dump sites, biogas recovery & solid waste valorization MSW management, composting, landfilling, LCA hazardous waste, site remediation
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Maria Cristina Lavagnolo Wenjing Lu Dezhen Cheng
Leachate management, environmental sustainability, WM in DCs solid waste management, landfill processes and technology, microbiological processes WtE, hydrothermal processes, LCA
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Hua Zhang Ilje Pikaar Jianguo Liu
characterization, treatment, disposal and beneficial utilization of solid waste wastewater treatment, resource recovery, beneficial uses of waste biological waste treatment, MSWI flyash treatment, solidification/stabilization of soil
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Alexandre Cabral Luca Alibardi Michael Nelles
biosystems for the reduction of GHG emissions, cover systems with capillary barrier effect organic waste, hydrogen production, biorefinery technologies of solid waste management, oragnic waste & residues, international projects on EP
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Mohamed Osmani Kaimin Shih Susanne Mahnik
C&D waste management Materials Recovery, E-Waste, Beneficial Uses of Waste Hospital waste management, pharmaceutical residues
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Morton Barlaz Alessandra Polettini Ian Williams
LCA, heat accumulation in landfills, methane production AD, recycling of TT residues, environmental behavior of waste materials Waste resource managment, carbon management, air pollution
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Stefan Salhofer Christian Zurbruegg Kurt Spokas
LCA, WEEE management, capacity development sanitation, solid waste and water in DCs GHG emissions in agricultural systems, soil systems
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The Scientific Advisory Panel is composed of selected IWWG members. Scientific Advisory Panel Members are approved by the Board by consensus or vote. Members may nominate themselves to the Board for Scientific Advisory Panel Membership. In addition, Scientific Advisory Panel members may be nominated by a Board member, and seconded by two other Board members.