JAK Academy

The Academy Equipment

The students benefit from excellent technical equipment including industrial sewing machines, PC and Mac workplaces. The seminar rooms are equipped with modern communication media.

The Academy Program and Awards

A dedicated team supports the tutors and lecturers who hold high-levels of expertise in business, fashion and the cultural sector. Numerous national and international awards account for the sound reputation of the study program on offer. The JAK Academy has grown to become a well-established institution in the educational landscape of fashion.

The Exhibition

We begin this series of exhibitions with work from the first semester during which students already learn to create high quality design from waste materials. The waste materials used in these designs are:
- Waste glass
- Waste paper (design for the Henri Nannen Award)

The design project “Work Wear”

Overalls from chimney sweepers in Germany  made out of  solid  canvas were used to create the items “Sweeper” and  “Butler”.

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