Exhibition Sadika Keskes

"SADIKA", the story of an environmentally engaged Tunisian artist

Sadika Keskes studied Fine Arts in Tunis and subsequently qualified as a glassworker in Murano, near Venice. When she returned from Italy, she devoted herself to the revival of the glass blown in Tunisia, an activity from the XIV century which has been abandoned.

The story of Sadika's involvement in waste-to-art is told in this selection of images of her artisanal products, all designed from recycled glass and materials. Her motto is: "The rubbish world is a huge repository for those who want to create".


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Les Côtes de Carthage Zone Touristique Gammarth

B.P. 31, 2076, Marsa Erriadh - Tunisie

Tél.: (+216) 71 274225/71274211

Fax: (+216) 7127421411

Email: contact(at)sadika(dot)net